Kanthal Bundled & SS310 Radiant Tube is the most used heating elements in heat treatment industry for Carburizing, Hardening, Annealing, Nitriding. As the heating system is the heart and core of the heat treatment process, it is most important to have a reliable heating system; a breakage of heating system in the middle of the heating process will ruin the whole batch of a product inside the furnace.

Bundle Rod

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Bundle rod elements, with a higher power output, leads to a major saving in cost and maintenance. Also when combined with Kanthal radiant tubes, they give highest power rating (up to 100 kW) as compared to any other heater.  Using the highest grade KANTHAL AF and A1, Kanthal bundle rod gives the best performance in its class in term of lifetime and oxidization resistance.

Application Example

Carburizing Furnace - Nitriding Furnace - Continuous Annealing Furnace - Hardening Furnace - Mesh Belt Furnace - Normalizing Furnace - Radiant Heater - Continuous Annealing Line